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More than 2,100 people forced to flee after big volcanic explosion in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a volcano erupted, causing many people to flee their homes. Mount Ruang began erupting on Wednesday, forcing over 2,100 people from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Hot ash, falling rocks, and gas clouds make the volcano dangerous. A tsunami might also be dangerous to those who live nearby. This is what the AP says. Experts are concerned that a portion of the volcano could collapse into the ocean, triggering a tsunami. In 1871, this happened before. In the event of a collapse, Tagulandang island might be in danger.

The Disaster Mitigation Agency in Indonesia says that the residents were relocated to Manado, which is six hours away by boat. A boat brought those who lived near the volcano to safety. Gray ash covered the roads, buildings, and houses, and volcanic debris damaged the roofs. Mount Ruang can be found on the Sangihe Islands in North Sulawesi, as depicted on a map.

Since Friday, the center of Indonesia's volcanoes has reported three eruptions. The height of the highest eruption was 1,200 meters, or 3,937 feet. Friday, the agency reported that the main crater was spewing a lot of thick white smoke. The Indonesian Transportation Ministry reported that more than 11,000 people were asked to leave their homes as the ash spread toward Manado and North Minahasa.

The 2,370-foot-tall mountain was instructed to be avoided at all costs at a distance of at least 3.7 miles. On Wednesday, the danger center issued its highest level III alert after scientists who were monitoring the volcano observed at least five significant explosions. Ash from the volcano caused the closure of a significant Manado city airport.

Ambar Suryoko, who is accountable for the local air terminal, said: 'We are as yet watching out for what's going on with the emission of Mount Ruang and working with others required to prepare for any moves we really want to initiate to protect flights, secure, and agreeable. ‘

On the islands of Indonesia, which are home to 270 million people, there are 120 fire mountains. The nation is located on the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," a collection of earthquake fault lines.


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