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I’m hopeful I’ll make it to BGT semi-finals – Afronitaa

Ghanaian artists Afronitaa and her accomplice Abigail are on a high as they make progress toward a spot in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

The team, who wowed the judges with their jolting presentation last week, are riding a rush of help and excitement after their staggering showcase of Azonto moves. Their fiery and synchronized dance schedules to well known tunes as odg Circuit's 'Radio wire' left the adjudicators noticeably intrigued. However, the audience's thunderous applause and standing ovation truly stole the show.

Afronitaa talked to Adom TV about how happy she was to be on stage with Abigail and how important their journey was to Ghana's pride and happiness. She urged Ghanaians to support them through the stages of the competition, stressing that their effort was not just for personal glory but also for honorably representing their country. In an interview with Maame Boatemaah of Adom TV, she stated, "It's about passion and the love I have for dancing...I'm not doing this just for myself, and I urge Ghanaians to vote for me and give their support so we can make it through the semi-finals."

During the auditions, the duo received a unanimous pass with four yes votes, despite not receiving a golden buzzer because all judges used theirs. Presently, they face the significant Pondering Day, where judges and makers will conclude the demonstrations progressing to the semi-finals. They will require votes to advance from the semi-finals to the grand finale, so the path ahead requires not only talent but also fan support.

Afronitaa's message is clear: "It's about energy and the adoration I have for moving… I encourage Ghanaians to decide in favor of me and give their help so we can endure the semi-finals."


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