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‘Bentua’ shortage hits Accra Central Market; market women express displeasure

The Accra Central Market has been dealing with a shortage of enema bulb syringes, or "bentua," for the past three months, leaving many vendors without stock.

During a week-long collaboration between The Mirror and a number of product-focused traders, this scarcity was discovered. Merchants from various areas of the country, who commonly visit the market to obtain "bentua" in mass, have reliably gotten back with basically nothing. As per these merchants, an authorized shipper situated in Kumasi, who holds an imposing business model on "bentua" imports, is the main driver of the deficiency.

Georgina, a vendor at UTC in Accra, disclosed that this wholesaler supplies most of the stock in Kumasi and several West African nations, including Cote d'Ivoire. "So when she delivers it to Accra, ‘na aka ketewa bi (it is left with a small quantity)" The imposing business model on "bentua" imports has put various merchants and their clients in a tricky circumstance. One vendor told The Mirror, "We've been inundated with complaints and demands from potential customers." These clients are eager to purchase the "bentua" for distribution to various locations.

At the Accra Focal Market, a few merchants were seen abandoning their product, planning to quickly get the "bentua" from their providers. In the midst of this mayhem, disarray emerged when a few sellers confused this columnist with a come shipper to further develop their stockpile troubles. Maame Bee, a vendor at Kingsway, stated, "If the woman in Kumasi does not supply the Accra Central market, nobody else seems to have the right to import into the country," expressing her frustration. They are brought in by her from China. One more seller who sold before the General Dealer Bank at the Okaishie market Naa Tsotsòo, had comparative worries.

"Tragically, we can't deliver "bentua" in Ghana," she bemoaned. "China, Germany, and Holland all produce "bentua". They are also produced by an Indian business in Abidjan. This has been used by our great-grandmothers; why can't we make some here? she inquired. Vendors like Offeibea, who has been in the "bentua" business for 16 years and relies heavily on its sales for her livelihood, have been severely affected by the shortage. "On account of the lack, I can't sell discount.

What I have now is only for retailing and it influences business; I can't create a lot of gain," she expressed from her situation underneath a flight of stairs in the beauty care products segment of the market. Regardless of these difficulties, the "bentua" stays an exceptionally belittled and beneficial thing, with costs going from GH₵25 to GH₵70 relying upon the size.

The "bentua" is a bulb needle utilized in managing fluid through the rear-end for different wellbeing and ceremonial purposes.


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