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Ghana will own 100 per cent of its mineral resources when I become president – Bawumia

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, has promised to guarantee that Ghanaians gain total responsibility for percent of the country's mineral assets assuming he wins the presidency.

He emphasized that his administration would prioritize significant shifts in the country's natural resource management and control, implementing policy frameworks that would enable Ghanaians to fully utilize the nation's mineral wealth. Dr. Bawumia made this confirmation during a morning meal gathering with strict forerunners in the Eastern Locale on Monday, as a component of his broad mission visit the country over.

"I will pull together our worldview for normal asset the executives. Generally, Ghana has not boosted the advantages of our normal assets," he said. "Since the times of the Portuguese in the fifteenth hundred years, gold has forever been removed from Ghana. I'm going to shift the paradigm and say that our natural resources haven't helped us much. I will welcome a greater spotlight on responsibility for normal assets." "Maybe right now we don't claim our normal assets.

That's what I trust assuming we do the investigation; and we will enable our colleges and the Land Administration Office to do the investigation, when we investigate that we have seven gold belts that we haven't yet found," he expressed.

After careful investigation affirming the presence of gold, Dr. Bawumia guaranteed that under the new arrangement, Ghanaians will have full responsibility for assets, remaining at 100%. Dr. Bawumia's cross country mission will cover each of the 275 bodies electorate across the 16 locales until the main seven day stretch of June.

"Striking Answers for Our Future," is the subject for his mission, zeroing in on three key points of support: The skirmish of Thoughts and Character, The Clash of Records and The clash of viable mission.

The NPP Flagbearer and his mission group will focus on an issue-based approach, introducing down to earth and tweaked answers for address the squeezing worries of the Ghanaian people. Their effort will incorporate a different cluster of partners, including conventional pioneers, church individuals, youth associations, brokers, drivers, ranchers, and understudies. In addition, they will collaborate with associations, businesses, and the media to guarantee complete coverage. Dr. will use public places like market centers as platforms.

Bawumia to straightforwardly hear the voices of brokers and customers, while municipal events and progressing partner commitment will work with discourse with Ghanaians cross country. Since being chosen as the NPP Flagbearer on November 4, 2023, for the December 7 races, Dr. Bawumia has been broadly associated with counsels and cooperations with different gatherings the nation over, exhibiting a promise to understanding and tending to their necessities.


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