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Federation of Kumasi Traders Association threaten to drag GNFS, Kejetia management to court

Nana Prempeh, who is the chairman of the Federation of Kumasi Traders Association, is getting ready to file a lawsuit in Kumasi against the management of Kejetia Market and the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS).

His threat is based on the market's alleged infraction of GNFS's Legal Instrument (LI) 1724 by operating without a fire certificate or insurance coverage. Nana Prempeh expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of concern regarding the market's compliance with essential safety regulations in an exclusive interview with Kojo Marfo on AbusuaNkommo.

“I am a trader; however, I will sue the Kumasi City Market and the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) for allowing the market to operate without a license. He declared, "I want to test the law, I know that the GNFS has the mandate to close down any commercial facility operating without a Fire Certificate and Insurance Cover."

Nana Prempeh provided evidence to support his claims, pointing out that Kejetia Market has not had insurance since November 2021. "The National Insurance Commission has made it clear that every commercial entity must be insured because Kejetia is a commercial facility. However, I am certain that the Kejetia Market has not been insured since November 2021.

Additionally, despite the presence of a fire post, he emphasized the market's fire safety infrastructure's shortcomings, specifically the absence of a fire certificate. "We are operating in the market at our own risk because the market lacks insurance coverage because Kejetia Market does not meet the national fire service standard for fireworthiness."

In addition, Nana Prempeh expressed concerns regarding market congestion and its potential effect on the Market Complex Infrastructure's longevity. The Brazilians brought a brand-new technology to the facility. Have we thought about how long this market will last? Boards and bolts were used to construct the market.

Are we also surprised that it was constructed in a wet area? He questioned, highlighting the market's sustainability as a whole.


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