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‘Dumsor’ has destroyed my $8,000 machine that I use to generate oxygen for fish – Farmer

A fish farmer in Ghana shared a heartbreaking account of the recent power outages, which are referred to as "dumsor" in the local language.

Kofi, a fisherman from Lashibi, explained that the malfunctioning power supply led to the explosion of his oxygen machine, which cost more than $8,000. Because of the damage to the machine, his ability to operate it has been severely compromised, so he must now face the daunting challenge of locating a new source of income.

Kofi lamented, "Apart from the depreciation of the cedi against the dollar, I have been losing numerous jobs due to this persistent load shedding," in an interview with Joy News' Super Morning Show on Tuesday, April 23. "I'm not getting along admirably at all on the grounds that the business that I run is being grounded, my $8000 machine that I use to produce oxygen for fish just brushed off three days prior.

"I need to attempt to change water for the fish every day of the week to raise the oxygen even out, what kind of devilishness is this?" He probed. Kofi emphasized that the country as a whole is in peril, and he believes that the Energy Ministry needs to take responsibility for the situation that is currently in place. "We want to hold these individuals by these balls, they are causing individuals organizations… they are demolishing individuals' lives and we are admiring them," he said.

He said, "The blame should be on those people who are supposed to act and they are not acting," expressing his frustration. Because I have lost an $8000 machine due to someone else's incompetence, I am speaking out of anger. "We have a VP circumventing battling to be chosen, yet we don't have individuals to confront him and advise him to go fix the issue… 'leave with your mission', what kind of nation are we running," he added.

He went on to say, "We have a sitting vice president and he said he is the mate...Akufo-Addo did what he did to ensure that you become the running mate so he should use the wisdom he has to fix the country."


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