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Your sense of entitlement is extreme – Amanda Jissih fires Edward Akwasi Boateng

Entertainment pundit Amanda Jissih has areas of strength for voiced against gospel artist Edward Akwasi Boateng, decrying what she sees as his unreasonable penchant for narcissism inside the business.

Boateng caused the controversy by expressing disappointment in MOGmusic, a fellow musician, for allegedly failing to honor a promise to recognize him at an event. On UTV's United Showbiz, Jissih clarified that Boateng had to leave the event before the recognition was scheduled because of unanticipated delays. It wasn't that he had forgotten or ignored because he [MOGmusic] had so much on his plate.

Getting to the furthest limit of the show, he [MOGmusic] had a go at searching for him [Edward], yet he wasn't there. The arrangement was that after everything, they would make their records and honor their promise," said Amanda Jissih. "Times are hard thus assuming somebody guarantees you something, you should know that they don't owe you. They are not obligated to give you something by force. That penchant for self-absorption ought to fade away.

We recognize that you have tried sincerely yet you are not qualified for anybody's cash. It was an exercise in futility to go to give interviews," Amanda expressed. Jissih stressed the requirement for appreciation and understanding, featuring Boateng's new open battle to earn barely enough to get by after private difficulties. "He is even to blame since he didn't stand by till the finish of the show to witness what might, he left early.

Since awards are not presented at the beginning of a show, he would have a point if he had waited until the end and not been recognized. "So he ought to relax. Amanda Jissih said, "The entitlement is too much." She noted that Boateng had received generous assistance from a number of individuals and organizations, including Angel TV and Angel FM supporters and Prophet Benard El Benard Nelson-Eshun.

Jissih was critical of Boateng's public criticism of MOGmusic and urged him to be humble and patient, noting that entitlement can actually make things worse rather than better in these kinds of situations.

She said in her conclusion that Boateng should have waited until the event was over before judging and voicing his grievances publicly.


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