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Your indefinite strike action is distorting resolution efforts – NLC tells Senior staff of universities

The National Labour Commission (NLC) has communicated worry that the continuous modern activity by the Senior Staff Association of Public Universities in Ghana (SSA-UoG) and the Federation of Universities Senior Staff (FUSSAG) is hindering efforts to address their grievances.

Executive Secretary of the NLC, Mr. Ofosu Asamoah, expressed that his endeavors to convince the striking group to suspend the industrial action for talks have been fruitless.

He accepts that the delayed strike will hamper endeavors to determine their issues and communicated trust that the Senior Staff would cancel the strike quickly to consider a planned gathering one week from now.

“Now that there has been a complaint and a response, we must bring the parties together to determine the next step. Either the Commission will settle it immediately, or there will be intervention or an assertion.

With the assistance of the Commission, we examine the situation and determine the stakes, which is why we invited them. Therefore, the two parties must cooperate.

"Tragically, the Senior staff are saying that they focused on their timetable so they couldn't come, yet they can make it on the 24th, and we imparted to the next party.

The beginning of the strike is the only issue at this point. Whenever there is a strike, issues should be gone to direly," he said.

Mr. Asamoah stated, "We did, by first writing to those against whom the complaint has been made, that this is what the Senior Staff Association is saying," when asked if the NLC attempted to prevent the Senior Staff from going on strike. How are you deflecting the strike? We had in our letter that they ought to notify the Commission about the thing steps they are requiring inside nowadays, and afterward we fixed the date to meet the two gatherings. That was finished."

The continuous strike by the Senior Staff Association of Public Universities in Ghana (SSA-UoG) and the Federation of Universities Senior Staff (FUSSAG) was initiated on Thursday, January 19, to demand improved conditions of service, payment of tier-two pension arrears, and restoration of overtime allowances.

However, the National President of the Association, Isaac Donkoh, stated in an interview that if the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) withdrew its denial regarding their overtime allowance, they would be willing to call off the strike and return to the negotiation table.

"I think we are slowly getting some place, and when my old buddy has spoken, we are taking it sincerely. They should write and withdraw the second letter, as I believe it is still in circulation. We need to likewise get the two individuals to mediate, and afterward we are all set," he said.

Remarking on whether the strike can be suspended while they seek after different issues of with respect to the interests of the understudies, Mr Donkoh said; " That is nothing hard to do. I can't guarantee you on the telephone, yet at the same it's nothing troublesome. I will have a conversation, and afterward we'll take it from that point, so it isn't anything super hard."

The CEO of the Fair Wages and Pay rates Commission, Mr. Ben Arthur, communicated that the continuous strike by the ranking staff is lamentable.

That letter was turned down. It was not aimed at state funded colleges where the infraction had been accounted for. So way back on June 30th, 2023, as my old buddy Isaac has suggested, the matter ought to be settled. So assuming we have any issues, any rebelliousness for which you have seen, then, at that point, it is quite reasonable that you return to us to determine the matter," he said.


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