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You have destroyed a factory to sell “Yesu Mogya”? Captain Smart jabs Adom Kyei Duah

Disputable presenter on Onua television, Commander Brilliant, has indeed criticized Ghanaian pastor Adom Kyei Duah.

Captain Smart voiced his displeasure in a viral video regarding the construction of a church on land intended for a factory. He contrasted the church's activities, which he believes exploit the vulnerable, with the impact of the destroyed factory, which resulted in job losses.

Captain Smart especially denounced the offer of "Yesu Mogya" (Jesus Blood) by the minister, scrutinizing the profound quality of such practices.

He condemned both the minister and Christians who buy the item, inferring they need decisive reasoning abilities. Skipper Savvy reprimanded the offer of "Yesu Mogya" by a Ghanaian minister, communicating his dissatisfaction with regards to the training.

He pointed out that everyone, including Jesus, has limited blood and questioned the justification for selling Jesus Christ's blood. Captain Smart also said that Christians who buy "Yesu Mogya" don't have the ability to think critically.


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