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You cannot shut down the internet during 2024 election – CSOs tell govt

The government has been urged by a coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) not to block internet access during the election season this year.

The allure follows occurrences in 24 nations where web closures during political race years blocked the pleasure in essential privileges and opportunities. Felicia Anthonio, KeepItOn's manager, emphasized the significance of maintaining internet access during elections. She mentioned that the stakes for democracy and human rights were higher than ever this year, with national elections anticipated in at least 64 countries.

Talking at a studio coordinated by the Media Starting point for West Africa (MFWA) and Access Now, Mrs. Antonio emphasized that when the internet is shut down, fundamental human rights are violated. She asked the public authority to guarantee web admittance to maintain a majority rule government and basic freedoms. As part of Access Now's KeepItOn campaign, which began in 2016, the workshop sought to unite activists and organizations worldwide to end internet shutdowns.

It brought together people from a variety of civil society organizations to talk about the growing trend of network shutdowns in Africa and how they affect human rights and economic development. Shutdowns of the internet are done with the intention of interfering with electronic communications or the internet, rendering them inaccessible or unusable for a particular population or location.

To control the flow of information, governments frequently implement shutdowns during significant national events like elections or large-scale protests. Mrs. Anthonio emphasized that restrictions of this kind not only hinder communication but also disrupt businesses, education, and online service access, which has an impact on everyday life. She said web closures were unsuitable and state run administrations ought not be impressive them independent of the explanation.

Mrs. Anthonio stated, "Internet shutdowns violate fundamental human rights and governments have the duty to protect these rights." As a result, the media needs to re-echo our calls.

"A ton of legislatures would close down web during political race periods with pardons that it is for public safety reasons however we want them to quit blaming that and rather take a gander at expanding the admittance to work on public talk," she added.


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