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You can even say I am 85, I don’t care – McBrown to critics

Nana Ama McBrown, an actress and television presenter from Ghana, has responded strongly to those who have questioned her declared age of 46.

In an interview with Pulse Ghana, veteran actress Pascaline Edwards revealed her age and expressed her displeasure at being overlooked by local filmmakers due to ageism. This sparked the controversy. "I might seem young, yet they've considered me excessively old. I'm scarcely 53, destined to be 54, and I have more energy and newness than numerous more youthful entertainers. Therefore, I appeal to casting directors to reevaluate me," Pascaline stated.

This disclosure ignited hypothesis about whether Nana Ama McBrown falls in similar age class as Pascaline, stirring up misgivings about McBrown's cases of being in her forties. Tending to these theories head-on, Nana Ama McBrown attested that she feels no commitment to demonstrate her age to doubters. She expressed that individuals are qualified for guess about her age however they see fit. The host of Onua Kickoff underscored her point by featuring that she had not even begun acting when Pascaline was a praised figure in the business.

"Pascaline was at that point causing disturbances with films like 'A Betray' while I hadn't even ventured into the business. On her Onua TV show, McBrown stated with assurance, "That's perfectly fine if you want to think of me as 85 years old." She finished up by dismissing the effect of these sentiments, expressing, "Eventually, these perspectives don't influence me. They don't scratch my bank balance at all."


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