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You are just like your ignorant, arrogant and unrepentant foot soldiers- Bridget Otoo fires Bawumia

Eminent Ghanaian media personality Bridget Otoo has conveyed a blistering reproach directed at VP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, urging the public not to trust him and questioning his credibility.

On her media platform, Otoo portrayed the VP as uninformed, pompous, and unrepentant, drawing matches between him and what she named "fool soldiers" known for their absence of responsibility and inclination for untrustworthiness.

"Bawumia is precisely similar to his fool soldiers. Oblivious, pompous, and unrepentant. Zero responsibility, indecent liars," Otoo announced, referring to what she saw as bogus explanations lacking validity made by Dr. Bawumia.

She further condemned the VP's methodology, blaming him for offering empty talk as opposed to going to proactive lengths in his job.


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