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You are a witch if you put pressure on your financially unstable lover – Felicia Osei to women

Notable TikToker in Ghana, Felicia Osei, has censured ladies who perseveringly request cash from their partners in spite of knowing their monetary battles.

In her view, such requests are counter-intuitive and need responsiveness towards the accomplice's circumstance. Felicia went similarly as naming such ladies as "witches" for their absence of compassion towards their accomplices.

During a live meeting on TikTok, checked by GhanaWeb, Felicia prompted ladies against setting monetary expectations from their accomplices when they personally are not monetarily stable. "Any lady who is dating a fellow and knows that he isn't monetarily stable yet pressure him for cash is a witch.

There is not an obvious reason to this since you realize the person isn't in great monetary condition, so how could you drive him to give you cash?" She likewise encouraged men to try not to go into connections in the event that they don't have adequate pay to help the related costs.

"To the men, I would exhort that on the off chance that you don't have cash, don't go into a relationship," she added.


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