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YOLO actor ‘Drogba’ diagnosed with Demyelination; pleads for financial support

Well known Ghanaian entertainer, John Bredu Peasah, broadly perceived as "Drogba" from the YOLO series, has fearlessly imparted his continuous battle to a Demyelinating Illness and is connecting with the general population for monetary help during his clinical treatment.

In a sincere proclamation posted on his official Instagram page, Drogba uncovered that he has been fighting with a Demyelinating Illness for more than two years, revealing insight into the difficulties he has looked in his wellbeing process.

To work with commitments, Drogba gave subtleties of his ledger for those able to help, with the record data as follows: Name - John Bredu Peasah, Bank - Access Bank, Account Number - 0535934031, Branch - Adjiriganor Branch.

The appeal means to mobilize support from people in general to help Drogba in his continuous fight against the demyelinating sickness. A demyelinating illness is an ailment that makes harm the defensive covering, known as the myelin sheath, encompassing nerve strands in the mind, optic nerves prompting the eyes, and spinal cord.

The harm to the myelin sheath can bring about eased back or ended nerve driving forces, prompting neurological issues. Referred to for his job as 'Blah Charles' in the famous YOLO series, Drogba depicts a 'lover boy' character who takes extraordinary measures to seek after the ladies he wants.

YOLO, a Ghanaian teen television series that debuted in 2016, fills in as a spin-off of the generally welcomed Ghanaian television series, "Things We Do for Love," offering direction to youth on exploring the difficulties of adolescence.

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