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“Women don’t hold marriages, it is men” – Sweet Adjeley

Chef, Naa Adjeley, more commonly referred to as Sweet Adjeley, a Ghanaian YouTuber based in the United States, has stated that men's actions and decisions are more important to a marriage's success and stability than women's.

Sweet Adjeley made the gather in a meeting with Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, while uncovering the accomplishment behind her marriage, which has gone on for quite a long time.

Sweet Adjeley noticed that in light of her numerous years with her significant other, Kojo, she has reached the resolution that "ladies don't hold relationships. It's men."

As per her, men are unflinching in their choices, in contrast to ladies; thus, her significant other's choice to deal with her well like he would his sister has kept up with the delight they have appreciated since they got hitched.

"From my experience, I feel my better half has held it up in light of the fact that I feel when a man is finished with you, there is no way to alter his perspective, however ladies, we are effortlessly influenced. One second you are detesting your significant other and the following, contingent upon how the man handles what is going on, you fall right back in affection with them," she said.

Sweet Adjeley attributes the fact that her partner treats her like a family member to the fact that their marriage continues to be pleasant.

"It has been great. In any case, I can't assume the praise for it. I need to give all the credit to my better half. Perhaps he can give me some credit, yet I can't. Twenty years is quite a while however if not for my better half, you see he considers me to be his more youthful sister. He is 10 years more established than me."

She proceeded, "He wipes the slate clean with me. I'm stubborn, but if he knows I'm upset with him, when he comes home and I'm in the kitchen, he will tickle me until I laugh, even though he knows I don't like it.

On her part, Sweet Adjeley said she gives her better half the regard he wants and, consistently, attempts to do what he prefers.

The only thing that has kept it is my respect for him and my efforts to act in his favor. I will everlastingly give the credit to my significant other."


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