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Why single mothers find it difficult to get into a relationship – Joselyn Dumas explains

Joselyn Dumas, a Ghanaian actress, recently discussed the challenges single mothers face when reentering the dating scene.

Dumas wrote a story about a friend's reluctance to date a woman with a child on her YouTube channel. A prevalent bias that contributes to the difficulty single mothers face in finding romantic partners is illustrated by the friend's concerns about taking on parental responsibilities for a non-biological child. "We have our children as single parents yet we actually need to be content.

We actually believe that should date others. "Allow me to explain to you why we don't go out and wed. I addressed a companion of mine here, Anthony. "Me, I will never be with a born one," he declared. “He stated, "Why would I come and raise somebody else's child?" as his justification. That is not my family. He does not contain any traces of my DNA.

For what reason am I going to now assist somebody's bloodline with developing? How about yours?' He continued, "And I said to myself that this is the reason why a lot of single mothers are alone with their children." Dumas argued against this way of thinking, pointing out that single mothers, like everyone else, are looking for companionship and happiness. She questioned the idea that it should be fundamentally different to care for a non-biological child, whether through adoption or otherwise.

"I asked him, 'Shouldn't something be said about reception?' He also stated that was different. She stated, "But if you ask me, it's not that different." The entertainer shed light on the penances single parents make from need instead of a longing to stay single, featuring the flexibility and assurance frequently displayed by these ladies.

The child can be raised by you alone. It's a penance you've likewise made as a lady. Despite what it is, you will have this kid and you will bring up this kid. She clarified, "It's not because we want to be single."


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