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Why I choose not to comment on LGBTQ+ issues- Celestine Donkor

Eminent gospel artiste Celestine Donkor has as of late uncovered her choice to cease from remarking on LGBTQ freedoms in Ghana, refering to past bad criticism as the purpose for her quietness.

In an interview, the acclaimed vocalist lyricist communicated her longing to stand up on political and LGBTQ-related issues. Nonetheless, she communicated worries about possible backfire in the event that her viewpoints don't line up with cultural assumptions.

Mrs. Donkor stressed the difficulties performers face while imparting their insights on delicate points, expressing, "As you have chosen to impart your insight on issues of legislative issues or LGBTQ, before you understand, certain individuals will say you're a performer, so you need to quiet down and spotlight on your music profession."

To keep away from likely difficulty, she made sense of that artists are presently focusing on their specialty to engage their fans. "By the beauty of God, we are concentrating exclusively on the music that we are accomplishing for the present," she finished up.

Celestine Donkor is a Ghanaian gospel performer and lyricist. In Walk 2021, she was among the Main 30 Most Persuasive Ladies in Music by the 3Music Honors Ladies' Early lunch.

She established the Celestial Praise, a yearly Gospel music show.


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