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“Why are you raising funds for Funny Face when his manager asked you to wait” – MC Yaa Yeboah to DKB

Ghanaian media character, MC Yaa Yeboah, criticized entertainer Derrick Kobina Bonney, otherwise called DKB, depicting his activities as whimsical after he declared his choice to quit raising money for Funny Face.

DKB's tweet on X, where he pronounced his withdrawal from raising assets for Funny Face, provoked MC Yaa Yeboah's evaluate. In his tweet, DKB communicated his goal to keep away from potential kickback like what happened with Akuapem Poloo previously. "I completely pull out myself from Funny Face gathering pledges for the people in question.

Some chief will come tomorrow and call me a criminal like what occurred with Akuapem Poloo. I have significant activities with my time," DKB said in a video on the rear of various reaction from a segment of people in general. In a new post by DKB on March 29, he uncovered that Funny Face had reached him looking for help with raising funds to help the clinical costs of the mishap casualties.

Also, DKB referenced that Funny Face vowed to embrace the two kids impacted by the mishap. "Letting the cat out of the bag!!! Funny Face connected with authoritatively give out his Momo subtleties to me for public help to assist him with treating the people in question. To demonstrate his regret and apology, Funny Face vows to take on the 1-year-old and 5-year-old children engaged with the mishap," he tweeted.

Following this turn of events, MC Yaa Yeboah voiced her dissatisfaction with regards to DKB's activities on UTV's Unified Showbiz. She considered it unseemly for DKB to counsel Funny Face when it was encouraged by Goofy Face's supervisor to hang tight for the right second prior to engaging general society for help. "Nobody requested that DKB connect with the overall population and request reserves.

DKB went to Funny Face's Manager, and his administrator let him know that he ought to stand by for a little while on the grounds that it wasn't the perfect opportunity, so how could you go to Kasoa, where Funny Face is, to let him know you've requested consent? Do you suppose Funny Face is in the right psyche to express the right things?" she quizzed.

"Regardless of whether Funny Face gave you the freedom to go on, for what reason didn't you return to the manager to tell him everything that Funny Face said to you, however you went on to make it happen? You've been in this present circumstance previously, so the thing is preventing you from utilizing the right channels to make the best choice? "Individuals are presently reprimanding you, and you are saying you are cleaning up off the issue? Nobody has requested that you request reserves.

DKB ought to quit doing that. He ought to quit making this about him. Nobody is going after him. I'll confront you directly; quit being infantile," she added. During the show facilitated by MzGee, she conveyed that DKB ought to have followed the suitable techniques to raise funds for Funny Face instead of taking care of the circumstance in view of his own judgment.


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