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Why ‘AI boyfriends’ are becoming popular in China

Young women in Beijing, China's bustling metropolis, are being influenced by "AI boyfriends," according to a social media trending video.

A young woman emphasized the ease of having an "AI boyfriend" in comparison to a real-life relationship in an interview about this phenomenon. She made sense of the benefits of having an 'artificial intelligence sweetheart,' accentuating the simplicity of correspondence and accessibility whenever.

"I find it more open to talking with a 'man-made intelligence sweetheart' since they are dependably available," she shared. The "AI boyfriend" was praised for relieving stress and offering emotional support, which made it easier to cope with daily challenges.

Due to a lack of time for personal connections, another person relied on an "AI boyfriend" because of their hectic work schedule.

"My bustling life leaves me with brief period for friends and family, so I track down comfort in the friendship of an 'computer based intelligence beau,'" she communicated.

Be that as it may, artificial intelligence master Gary Marcus forewarned against overreliance on such virtual connections, refering to expected risks as they need substantial reality yet are just man-made brains.

The developing pattern of 'man-made intelligence beaus' mirrors a moving scene in relational associations, raising conversations about the limits and ramifications of innovation in current connections.


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