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When you are broke, you’re treated like nobody by family, friends – Delay

Ghanaian media icon Deloris Frimpong Manso, otherwise called Delay, has voiced her interests about society's treatment of people confronting monetary hardships.

In a new Facebook post dated April 18, 2024, the prestigious host of 'The Delay Show' shared her point of view on the change in individuals' way of behaving towards those encountering monetary difficulties. Delay called attention to the unmistakable contrast in how people are treated by their loved ones in view of their monetary status.

She featured that when somebody is battling monetarily, they are frequently dismissed and mistreated. In any case, when they accomplish monetary achievement, mentalities towards them change definitely. She commented, "On the off chance that you're bankrupt, your loved ones will deal with you like no one worth mentioning.

Bring in a few cash and see, they'll change your name to Director and Chairman! Individuals who toss you out will invite you in when you bring in cash."

Besides, Delay censured the shallow showcase of fondness and regard displayed towards rich people by the general population, marking neediness as a 'quiet executioner.' "Cash will bring you more phony love and uncommon regard.

At the point when a rich man tells a dry wisecrack, individuals giggle. At the point when an unfortunate man tells a funny joke, individuals say he's making unnecessary noise. Poverty is a killer!" she accentuated.

Delay’s authentic editorial reveals insight into cultural predispositions and the effect of monetary status on relational connections.

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