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What the Freemasons in Ghana do – NPP’s Kofi Jumah tells it all

Prominent member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the current Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, as of late revealed his participation in the Freemason Society.

He shared bits of knowledge into his excursion into society and framed a portion of the capabilities for enrollment. As per him, Freemasonry centers around cultivating associations and fellowship among its individuals. He communicated his profound respect for society, featuring the feeling of delight they get from one another's organization.

Mr. Jumah underscored that the essential necessity for joining is to have great person. I've been a Freemason for some time, and although I may still owe money, I value them highly. They're a gathering that knows how to have a ball. Our activities are limited to Bible readings, which are our primary activity.

Beyond that, I've never seen any other rituals. Men with moral character are only allowed to join Freemasonry. I was suggested by somebody who saw those characteristics in me. "The general public isn't only for the tip top; rather, it's available to anybody of upstanding person.

In a YouTube interview, he stated, "The key is to avoid criminal activities like murder and theft."


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