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What Sarkodie discovered in Safo Newman

Safo Newman has apparently turned into the most recent music sensation in Ghana, with his Akokoa tune right now moving in the best five per Ghana's Apple Music Charts.

It is similarly hopping on other advanced music stages, and the lift from Sarkodie drove the melody further down the throat of music aficionados via virtual entertainment.

The good thought by Sarkodie has been censured, with many encouraging the Tema-based rapper to focus front and center, yet others have likewise recognized him.

Sarkodie has been known to share the tunes of numerous forthcoming artistes, and the pundits will just go unperturbed in his ears.

The rapper shared it for a reason, and he may want to get his hands on another album by the aspiring musician, just as he has blessed numerous others and thrust them into the spotlight.

What many don't know is that Sarkodie has focused on his experience growing up, where he said the end ringers of his school generally had his heart pulsating quicker.

As indicated by him, he was abused at home by his guardian and that made him bashful.

The famous rapper said he was exceptionally blissful when he was exclusively in school at Mile 7, Accra.

The Most elevated rapper expressed heaps of house tasks among others impacted his life as a youngster and not remaining with his mom got him discouraged and he likewise looked malnourished.

Talking in a meeting on Hitz FM's Dawn Hitz, Sarkodie said he endured misuse s a youngster.

"As a youngster, I was unable to grasp it. I didn't get the abuse. I didn't live with my mum, and the genuine love wasn't there. Once, I was keeping in touch with my mother and I works off and the lady I was remaining with saw the letter. She called my mum, and she came over, and I figured I did something terrible, so I bowed down and beseeched her and just after mum left, you can envision what I went through."

Sarkodie went on to say, "My mother came for me when I was about to finish school." I was looking worn out. I didn't have the courage to tell her about what was going on in my life. As a youngster, I had no clue and I needed to imagine that all was great.

This disclosure goes shows how joined Sarkodie is to the verses of Safo Newman's 'Akokoa' via virtual entertainment.

The tune portrayed him as a kid, and one could without much of a stretch tell Sarkodie connected with each verse word-by-word.

He knew exactly what Safo Newman was talking about because he had been in a similar situation, and it undoubtedly brought back memories of his past.

For pundits, hammering the rapper with the idea that he is attempting to eclipse Safo Newman's greatness, there are many motivations to clash.

Sarkodie's Otan has created the buzz, however the rapper needed to require his advancement to be postponed to observe Safo Newman.

Though his 'Akokoa' melody is right now at number 3 on Ghana's Apple Music Top 100, Sarkodie's Otan waits at number 7.

Since the two musicians are only bringing it to the attention of critics, they should instead draw attention to the effects that child labor has all over the country.

There are loads of kids who may be doing combating a similar circumstance subsequently centering the energy towards that would be preferable over censuring Sarkodie.

'Akokoa' is a banger, however it calls for more than that. The melody is a mission calling for kids whose satisfaction have been locked away to be liberated from servitude and scorn from their guardians and terrible guardians.


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