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Wearing Indian hair is bad luck- Ajagurajah advises women

Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, famously known as Ajagurajah and head of the Ajagurajah Movement, has given a watchfulness to ladies in regards to the utilization of hairpieces and hair expansions obtained from far off nations.

During a meeting on Hitz FM on April 2, 2024, Ajagurajah stated that using such hair items could achieve adversity for the wearer. He emphasized the spiritual methods used to obtain women's hair from other countries, suggesting that these methods could attract negative energies.

The Priest credited this pattern to Africans' tendency towards unfamiliar merchandise and their inability to embrace their normal hair, refering to it as a justification behind the supposed negative repercussions of utilizing unfamiliar hair items. He commented, "Assuming that you're the sort to go for Indian hair, you are putting misfortune on yourself.

Indian ladies barely trim their hair. That is only what they do when something is wrong. At the point when the ministers trim the hair of these ladies in India, they move that multitude of issues into the hair.

"However, they know the African outlook; they realize we like hair from different nations, and we pull out all the stops," he added.

Ajagurajah asked ladies to treasure and embrace their normal hair, deterring the utilization of expansions and hairpieces produced using hair obtained from different nations.


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