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We won’t have this game easy – Otto Addo warns Black Stars ahead of Uganda friendlies

Black Stars coach Otto Addo has exhorted his players not to misjudge their next rival, Uganda, following their new misfortune to Nigeria.

Ghana experienced a 2-1 loss against Nigeria, inciting Addo to push the significance of their impending match against Uganda. Perceiving Uganda as a solid enemy, Addo stressed the requirement for intensive readiness and key preparation.

In a post-match interview with Ghana Football Communications, Addo brought up Uganda's assets, featuring their skilled players and powerful ongoing interaction.

"No doubt, we have Uganda on Tuesday and the young men. I think they played well yet on the off chance that they figure it will be a simple game, they are off-base. Uganda is incredibly, great. I watched them a tad before now; I need to go further," he said.

"They have great players, we must have a decent arrangement to dominate this match. I don't consider us to be top choices; it will be an even game. We need to rest now, I need to contemplate how we play, and perhaps we really want a few new legs.

"For my purposes, the main thing is to get choices and to get answers for the impending games so these amicable matches are extremely, significant for us to know how they play and how they can adjust and take it to the World Cup qualifiers in June," he added.


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