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We’re learning, we’ll grow – Harold Amenyah on movie industry

Harold Amenyah, an actor, has spoken out about the failing state of Ghana's film industry, blaming a lack of support from local audiences.

In a meeting, he said the area isn't flourishing in light of the fact that film makers are not urged and propelled to deliver more motion pictures.

Amenyah noted that the majority of Ghanaians do not attend movies, despite the fact that moviegoers' attendance is crucial to the industry's expansion.

Amenyah acknowledged Nigeria's film industry stability and strength when comparing Ghana's film industry to Nigeria's.

He explained that this is because people invest in the Nigerian film industry and attend premiere screenings.

The actor suggested that Ghana could adopt similar strategies to boost the local film industry and learn from Nigeria's success.

We are not supported by Ghanaians. We will be asked why they cannot see us on the screens; the answer is that they are not watching or even looking for us.

"The Nigerian people have more support than we do. They are teaching us, and we will succeed."

He stated openly, "They learn from us in terms of production and filming, but we must learn from them in terms of support and promotion because they do better than us."

Amenyah expressed optimism regarding the Ghanaian film industry's future in spite of the difficulties, provided that local productions receive the necessary support.

He urged Ghanaians to attend film premieres and watch local content to support the film industry.


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