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We’re in perilous times; I pity Ghanaians – Franklin Cudjoe on fuel hikes, dumsor

Franklin Cudjoe, CEO of IMANI Africa, has expressed concern regarding the difficulties Ghanaians face in the energy sector.

Ghanaians are also dealing with an increase in fuel prices in addition to a fluctuating power supply. Several Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) raised fuel prices during the second pricing window on April 16, 2024. Fuel costs have significantly increased, according to a Citi News survey conducted at various OMC locations.

In the current pricing window, for instance, the state-owned Goil company increased the price of gasoline from GH14.15 to GH14.99 per liter. The cost of a liter of diesel has increased from GH14.74 to GH14.80. Contrary to directives from the government and the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) advising against fare hikes, commuters in Lapaz and other areas are facing a 20% increase in transportation fares.

Mr. Cudjoe expressed his hope for a prompt resolution to these issues during his appearance last Saturday on Citi TV and Citi FM's The Big Issue. "I really feel sorry for the Ghanaian because we are really in dangerous times. He made a remark, "I just wish there was a magic wand to deal with this matter."

"I was listening to the vox pop in the lead up to the program and people were complaining, and you could see these are deep-seated concerns... So it is sad, I just wish there was a magic wand to deal with this matter."


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