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‘We are not twins or blood brothers’ – Nana Acheampong on resemblance with Daddy Lumba

Despite the fact that Daddy Lumba and Nana Acheampong's alleged music rivalry has received a lot of attention, their striking resemblance continues to be the topic of discussion.

In spite of being portrayed as opponents in the highlife music scene, the likenesses between these two symbols offset their disparities. Nana Acheampong revealed that their relationship is rooted in brotherhood and goes beyond mere competition to address these perceptions. In an interview with GHPage TV, the Ghanaian highlife legend emphasized that they are not biologically related, but that their actions frequently mirror one another.

Nana Acheampong was astonished by the similarities between the two, which extended beyond their physical appearance to include their musical styles. The 'Nanka ebeye cave' hitmaker revealed that the similarity is striking to such an extent that he regularly faces requests about whether they share direct relations or are even twins. "For the similarity, individuals discuss it a great deal. I get a great deal of remarks about it and he encounters something very similar.

We are actually thought to be twins or brothers by blood. "We wind up doing likewise things regardless of whether we are out of one another's sight. For example, when I made my haircut, I didn't actually realize he had done likewise. Take a gander at my face, my hair, and take a gander at his," he expressed. Additionally, Nana Acheampong related an interesting incident in which Daddy Lumba's mother mistakenly identified him as her son. "I recollect that I had this outfit that I didn't realize he likewise had.

There was an occasion where I went to visit Lumba's mom one day and she thought it was her child. He recalled that she asked, "Kwadwo, why didn't you tell me before you came?" Handling cases of 'competition' between them he said, "There is no ill will between my sibling Lumba and me. We never told you that we were fighting and that you should also fight. You were the ones who made up your brains to battle since you thought we were battling.

I figure individuals failed to see the reason why we needed to separate. "They thought we had a battle and self-destructed; they didn't realize we had a friendly choice to be solo artistes. They simply perceived that we fought, and nobody even bothered to inquire as to why we decided to split up.


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