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We are not shutting down Gmail – Google

Google has affirmed that Gmail isn't closing down, countering boundless fabrications flowing via on social media.

A viral post, dishonestly declaring the closure of the email service in August and storing up more than 7,000,000 views, was exposed by Google on a similar stage. Specialists highlight the dangers of falsehood, involving this episode as a remarkable model.

Richard Bagnall from Carma highlights the need for further developed instruments to verify online realities. While falsehood is a test on all web-based entertainment stages, X, previously known as Twitter, is especially reprimanded.

In 2023, the EU recognized it as a significant wellspring of spreading lies. Regardless of responsibilities to battle disdain discourse, X keeps a position focusing on free discourse. The BBC has looked for remarks from X with respect to the deception, which is by all accounts in light of a genuine email sent by Google in 2023.

The email advised clients that Gmail would end admittance to its most fundamental HTML view. The first HTML view, used at Gmail's send off in 2004, would be new to current clients. The viral post peruses, "we are contacting share a significant update about Gmail," the viral post peruses, following quite a while of interfacing millions around the world, empowering consistent correspondence, and encouraging endless associations, the journey of Gmail is coming to a nearby" proposing the conclusion of Gmail following quite a while of worldwide network and consistent correspondence.

In spite of decidedly denying the misleading cases in the scam message, Google has without a doubt ended a few services lately.

In 2023, Google suspended its Stadia gaming service and the YouTube Stories highlight similar to Snapchat.

Moreover, it started the closure of old and inactive Gmail accounts.


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