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In a recent interview with Andy Dosty on HITZ 103.9FM, renowned gospel artiste Broda Sammy sparked controversy with his statement, declaring, "We are all doing business and not ministry."

The statement, made by the acclaimed gospel musician, has raised eyebrows and ignited discussions within the religious community. Broda Sammy, known for his uplifting and spiritually-driven music, took a bold stance by emphasizing the commercial aspect of the gospel music industry.

Broda Sammy's assertion challenges the traditional notion of gospel music as solely a ministry or calling, suggesting that it also operates within the realm of business. His candid remarks have stirred debates about the intersection of spirituality and commerce in the music industry, particularly within the gospel genre.

While some listeners resonated with Broda Sammy's viewpoint, others viewed his statement as contentious, arguing that gospel music should primarily serve a higher purpose beyond financial gain.

The interview has prompted reflection on the evolving landscape of gospel music and the delicate balance between ministry and commerce. As gospel artists navigate the complexities of the industry, Broda Sammy's perspective serves as a catalyst for dialogue and introspection within the religious and music communities.

As reactions continue to pour in, Broda Sammy's statement remains a subject of scrutiny and contemplation, challenging preconceived notions and inviting a deeper exploration of the dynamics at play within the gospel music industry.


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