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Watch SHS in Ashanti Region launch newly developed rocket

It was all satisfaction and fervor in Adanwomase Senior High School on Friday, February 2, when the school launched its recently developed rocket.

The school situated in the Ashanti Region had its students surround the rocket as it was going to take off. The students joined the count down.

The rocket indeed launched but not as expected.

A rocket send off includes a progression of painstakingly coordinated moves to propel a spacecraft or payload into space. The interaction normally incorporates the following key stages:

Pre-launch Arrangements:

  • Payload Reconciliation: The payload (satellite, logical instrument, or maintained space apparatus) is incorporated into the rocket's payload fairing, which safeguards it during the underlying phases of the send off.

  • Rocket Get together: The different rocket stages, including the principal stage, second stage, and any extra supporters, are gathered and associated.

  • Send off Vehicle Energizing:

The rocket is loaded up with the necessary charges, commonly fluid oxygen (LOX) and rocket-grade lamp fuel (RP-1) or fluid hydrogen, contingent upon the sort of


  • Countdown and Ignition:

The commencement succession starts, including a progression of checks and confirmations.

The rocket motors are lighted at the assigned second to begin the send off.

  • Liftoff:

  • Stage Division:

  • Orbital Inclusion or Direction Change:

  • Payload Arrangement:

  • End of Mission:

Adanwomase Senior Secondary School's rocket neglected to show from stage 2 to 8 in the video circulated around the web. It plunged and came tumbling down quickly.


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