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Waakye’s death was unexpected; I fear I’ll have the same fate – Maame Dokono

Veteran entertainer Grace Omaboe, commonly known as Maame Dokono, focused on her concern encompassing the unfavorable end of fellow actor Prince Yawson, aka ‘Waakye'.

Maame Dokono communicated profound worry about the conditions prompting Waakye's unexpected death and fears a comparable destiny for herself. Talking on the Prime Morning show, Maame Dokono revealed her misery after finding out about Waakye's passing, crediting it to what she portrayed as "someone's mix-up." She related having addressed Waakye on the morning of his end, just to get insight about his demise sometime thereafter.

The Ghanaian film industry grieved the loss of Waakye on August 2, 2022, when he was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital the prior night. Maame Dokono, revealing insight into the occasions, uncovered that Waakye was at first taken to Ridge Hospital yet was subsequently moved because of an absence of accessible beds. Considering the startling misfortune, Maame Dokono communicated her significant misery and conceded to dreading a comparable destiny for herself.

"I was so crushed and didn't have the foggiest idea what to do, so perhaps my demise will be that way," she shared. While thinking back about the characters from the famous 'Obra' television series, Maame Dokono communicated her craving for perished entertainers, particularly Waakye and Richard Kwame Agyeman (Odompo), to return.

In spite of her interests, the veteran entertainer communicated a wish to live as long as her mom, who lived to the age of 115. At almost 80 years of age, Maame Dokono accentuated the significance of taking care of oneself and would have liked to imitate her mom's life span.


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