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Voting in Senegal delayed following weeks of unrest

After some difficult situation in the government, individuals in Senegal are picking another leader. Seventeen people want to be the next president because the current president, Macky Sall, can’t run for reelection.

Last month, the election was supposed to take place, but Mr. Sall deferred it, causing fights from the resistance and an emergency in the popularity based process. As of not long ago, individuals have consistently said that Senegal is serious areas of strength for an of a vote based system in West Africa.

7,000,000 individuals can cast a ballot in the political decision on Sunday. One individuals running for the main work in Senegal is Amadou Ba, a 62-year-old previous Top state leader and the competitor of the overseeing BBY alliance. His greatest contest is Bassirou Diomaye Faye, 44.

He was in prison for quite a while until a week ago. He claimed that the allegations against him were unfair and political in nature. Renowned pioneer Ousmane Sonko, who was in prison until last week for fraudulent allegations, can't campaign for office.

He and Pastef, a member of his previous party, are supporting Mr. Faye Abdoulaye Wade and his PDS party offered Mr. Faye their support on Friday, following the resignation of his son Karim Wade, who held citizenship in both Senegal and France. Without precedent for over decade, a lady is running for a position. Anta Babacar Ngom, who is 40 years of age, is responsible for the Curve party.

We will learn the results in a few days, and due to the large number of competitors, there will probably be another round. An up-and-comer needs to get the greater part of the votes to win. The entire world will watch to check whether the political decision can assist with fixing Senegal's harmed standing.

Recently, President Sall let the BBC know that he doesn't feel frustrated about deferring the political decision. Occurring on 25 February was assumed.

"He said I did nothing off-base and the choice to postpone the vote wasn't made by only one individual, but since certain individuals from parliament had worries about the political race. ”

"Everything we did were lawful and adhered to the guidelines. “


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