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US-based Ghanaian woman pushed to death by boyfriend in Chicago altercation

US-based Ghanaian, Brittany Boateng met her untimely end when her boyfriend supposedly pushed her into the way of a moving vehicle on an highway.

This awful occurrence happened on February 23, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois.

Reports propose that Brittany, 29 and her boyfriend were engaged in a warmed contention, during which he supposedly became rough and effectively drove her into the way of an approaching vehicle, prompting her sad demise.

The Chicago Police have arrested her boyfriend, and an investigation is in progress.

Brittany's passing amounts to one more Ghanaian man, Adu Boakye, who confronted misfortune in Canada last month.

The 39-year-old dad of four was shot multiple times while holding up at a bus station.

Tragically, he surrendered to his wounds during treatment at the emergency hospital.


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