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Unemployed teachers threaten mass protests by end of April

In a severe ultimatum to the government, the Coalition of Unemployed Trained Teachers (CUTT) has demanded immediate employment or face mass street demonstrations by the end of April.

The group, which included individuals who had successfully completed their four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program, the mandatory one year of National Service, and licensure exams, expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of job opportunities despite their qualifications. At a public interview coordinated by the gathering, Lead Convener Murtala Mohammed featured the difficulties looked by jobless instructors.

He underlined that in spite of getting licenses from the Public Showing Chamber (NTC) set to terminate in 2025, they stayed without work. Mohammed condemned the circumstance as vile and awful, particularly taking into account they were essential for the trailblazer bunch of instructors prepared under the new B.Ed program and the Normal Center Program, pointed toward further developing schooling quality cross country.

If the government does not respond to their complaints by the end of April, the group reiterated their readiness to demonstrate on the streets.


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