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Tragic Gory accident claims 12 lives on Accra-Tema motorway

A grisly accident on the inadequately kept up Accra-Tema motorway has brought about twelve fatalities.

The episode, including a 'trotro' vehicle, happened late on Friday, prompting a staggering loss of lives.

Reports demonstrate that every one of the twelve occupants of the trotro lost their lives in the sad accident.

A social media user, passing by the location of the horrific accident, caught a photograph and shared it web based, featuring the seriousness of the occurrence and the resulting gigantic traffic disturbance on the motorway.

Considering the ongoing state of the so-called motorway, responses to the mishap were not startling.

"For what reason mightn't the Roads and Transport Ministry at any point center around the Motorway and think carefully to tackle issues meanwhile? Mightn't they at any point just diminish as far as possible in the first place and uphold it?" One person inquired.

One more said: " All that about This nation is bad..hmm you joke little you gon exchange ur soul. The pioneers are not likewise making endeavors to remake road once more,"


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