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Tidal waves destroys several properties in Keta

Yet again Coastal residents dwelling in Keta and adjoining networks are wrestling with the horrendous effect of tidal waves, as their homes face immersion.

The unwelcome sight of seawater entering homes on Friday morning exacerbated the already deteriorating condition of structures that have endured tidal waves for a long time. In discussions with Citi News, bothered occupants communicated the excruciating idea of the circumstance, calling desperately for an exhaustive answer for mitigate the emergency. The community is in dire straits as a result of the ongoing assault of tidal waves, and residents have pleaded with the authorities to act quickly.

"The tidal waves have been an ongoing source of concern for us," a resident stated, conveying the community's plea. Last year, we experienced this peculiarity, and this year, we wind up wrestling with similar issues. We entreat the specialists to make a prompt move to forestall broad effect on the local area." Additionally, the plea emphasizes the critical need for coastal dredging to address the underlying issue.

Residents highlighted the detrimental effects on local businesses, in addition to the structural damage to homes, as trees are now submerged in the sea. The people group joins in asking specialists to quickly carry out viable measures to protect homes and occupations from the common tidal wave emergencies.


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