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Thirteen men file not guilty pleas over role in Brooklyn synagogue incident

Thirteen Hasidic Jewish individuals said they didn't do the things they are blamed for in a battle about a mystery burrow at a gathering place in Brooklyn.

Individuals were blamed for carrying out wrongdoings, a significant number of whom are understudies from Israel, went to court in Brooklyn on Wednesday. They are accused of being thoughtless and endangering individuals, harming property, and not helping out the public authority. They were provided a unique request that prevents them from digging or changing the structure.

They likewise can't converse with a nearby rabbi. Examiners say that individuals blamed for the wrongdoing were somewhere in the range of 19 and 26 years of age, and were associated with an episode in January. 8 individuals battling in the storm cellar of a structure where a gathering of Universal Jews love. The contention began when individuals found a mystery burrow underground that associates four structures in the Jewish complex.

Allies of the passage said they were doing what Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the previous Chabad pioneer and a vital Jewish pioneer, needed. He had discussed making the love region greater before he passed on in 1994. Certain individuals in the Chabad people group feel that Schneerson is as yet alive and that he is the picked pioneer.

Chabad pioneers needed to close the passage since they thought it was harmed by hoodlums. However, a gathering of young fellows would have rather not left and taken the wooden covering off the place of worship. The dissent got more extreme when the police appeared, and there was a major battle that caused over US$1,500 in harm to property, as said in the court papers. None of the men engaged with the battle were blamed for building the passage.

The passage is depicted as a straight section that is 60 feet in length and 8 feet wide. Beside the 13 individuals who said they didn't do it on Wednesday, four more are probably going to be charged when they return from Israel in the following couple of weeks. The Branch of Structures investigated the passage and observed that it was loaded up with concrete.

This passage was making the close by structures shaky, so individuals needed to leave four structures for wellbeing. A two-story working close to the gathering place must be discharged on the grounds that it needs more fire boundaries, said an individual from the structures office.

The respondents' legal counselor, Levi Huebner, didn't address an inquiry on Thursday. He said his clients didn't know enough and were attempting to accomplish something useful, however in the incorrect way.

Rabbi Motti Seligson, who represents the Chabad-Lubavitch bunch, said in an instant message: "We want to believe that they understand their mix-ups and compensate for the damage they have done. “


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