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“Things are becoming scary in the NPP”, take good care of yourselves” – Captain Smart ‘warns’ members

Presenter on Onua television,Captain Smart has uncovered extra data in regards to the supposed harming episodes including the late Member of Parliament for Ejisu, John Kumah.

Smart’s earlier reports, made in late February 2024, claimed that Kumah and other conspicuous individuals from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were designated in poisoning schemes at various times. These cases acquired consideration following Kumah's passing announcement on March 7.

In an ensuing proclamation on Onua FM (March 8), Smart repeated his previous declarations and gave two new huge subtleties. He examined the recurrence of the assaults on the departed and unveiled the character of a person with whom Kumah shared one of the poisoned dinners.

"Things are becoming alarming in the NPP, that is all I can say and it is notable individuals take great consideration of themselves. Likewise, in this world, regardless of whether nobody kills you, passing will come your direction eventually," Smart pushed.

"John Kumah endure the first attempt in Greater Accra before he was gone after in the Northern Region and the Ashanti Region," Smart revealed prior to adding that Kumah shared one of the poisoned feasts to the NPP's Ashanti Regional Chairman, Wontumi.

"The very food he ate was devoured by Wontumi as well; I was taking a gander at them," the television have added without referencing what region he was alluding to.

Wontumi, in his recognition for Kumah, described a second when the departed remained close by during a health scare a while prior, which he accepted would take his life.

A writer from Wontumi FM has likewise widely examined how Wontumi and the late MP were supposedly "poisoned" during a dinner of guinea fowl in Tamale last year while on an inter-party campaign stop.

In the mean time, the widow of the MP has recorded a grumbling with the police, encouraging Smart to give proof to the cases made about the departed's health in February.


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