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There is nothing new about being a side chick, it is in the bible! – Empress Gifty

Ghanaian gospel vocalist and fashion icon Empress Gifty has safeguarded the act of certain ladies, generally alluded to as 'side chicks' in Ghana, dating wedded men, attesting that it checks out.

In a new interview on TV3, she emphasized her position, featuring that this conduct isn't just satisfactory yet additionally has scriptural points of reference. Sovereign Gifty stressed that while society might see this as questionable, it is an ordinary event and ought not be disliked. She further made sense of that as long as the side chicks are careful and try not to get pregnant, there is no ethical issue with their associations with wedded men.

"Nothing bad can be said about side chicks going for wedded men, however they ought to be astute enough not to get pregnant for them. The Good book dosen't dislike it, even it's acknowledged in the Book of scriptures, Hagar can be a model," Ruler Gifty expressed in a meeting on TV3.

Sovereign Gifty's remarks have started banters across virtual entertainment stages, with some supporting her viewpoint while others reprimand it as advancing dishonest way of behaving.


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