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The youth are dying due to economic hardship – NDC

Richard Etornam Nyarko, the Eastern Regional Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has suggested that the country's economic downturn is to blame for the rising number of young people dying too soon.

Nyarko featured that financial botch has brought about raised joblessness rates, heightening expenses of medical services administrations and drugs, and difficulties managing the cost of nutritious feasts. Due to financial difficulties, some young people have turned to the "zero-one-zero" diet, in which they only eat once per day. He highlighted the mind-boggling financial strain on the young, stressing that many are capitulating to these difficulties. Mr Nyarko voiced his interests, noticing,

"Virtual entertainment is filled day to day with fresh insight about the passings of youngsters. Financial strain is causing the death of the adolescent. Joblessness is widespread, and some can't bear the cost of even one complete dinner daily, falling back on Zero-one-zero. The young battle with lease installments, and expansion has driven medication costs through the rooftop. Akufo Addo and Bawumia have undermined the economy, prompting these avoidable passings among the young." These comments came after Nyarko tended to NDC allies following a Solidarity Stroll in the Upper West Any longer supporters, as revealed by Starr News.

Richard Nyarko, otherwise called Administrator Bilibo, guaranteed the young that John Dramani Mahama's proposed 24-hour economy strategy would produce more open positions and encourage financial thriving. He scrutinized the public authority for dismissing the $48-million Jute Processing plant at Adeiso, the biggest in Africa, arranged on a 12-section of land in the Upper West Akyem Region, with a month to month limit of 600,000 sacks and the possibility to utilize north of 3000 specialists.

Nyarko promised that President John Mahama would ensure that the factory would be finished and put into operation, thereby reducing the annual cost of importing sacks by millions of dollars. He asked citizens to help the NDC parliamentary applicant, Emmanuel Drah, to assist the party with recapturing the seat from the NPP.

The Eastern Regional Women's Organizer, Shirley Naana Ampem, urged women in the country to pay close attention to the upcoming elections in order to address disproportionately affecting issues like corruption, hardship, and skyrocketing food prices.


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