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The next president who tries to fight corruption in Ghana will die in 2 weeks – Okyeame Kwame

Prestigious Ghanaian craftsman, Okyeame Kwame, has recommended that Ghana's future depends on the attitude of its youth.

He accepts that the dug in corruption inside the ongoing political scene renders tremendous change unreachable. The craftsman, known as the Rap Doctor, featured the unavoidable corruption inside both major ideological groups, declaring that endeavors to change the nation would almost certainly bring about the destruction of any president because of the strong organization of degenerate people.

"NDC/NPP can't help Ghana; family can help Ghana. The issue influencing us as a group is an issue of the psyche. "The bad framework can't fix itself; it makes a many individuals rich and cheerful. To come and battle defilement in the nation the present moment, he will be dead in about fourteen days. "There's really no need to focus on pay; it's not necessary to focus on cash; it's about profound quality," he said.

As per Okyeame Kwame, the way in to Ghana's advancement lies not in political affiliations but rather in the change of individual virtues. He battles that the bad framework propagates abundance and satisfaction for some, putting forth it impervious to inner change attempts. He ascribes the foundation of defilement to the aggregate mentality of the Ghanaian public, underlining the need to impart honesty in the more youthful age.

Okyeame Kwame advocates for a change in center towards sustaining moral standards in kids to balance the impact of degenerate lawmakers. With respect to existing political authority, Okyeame Kwame anticipates their possible end, highlighting the need of developing magnanimity in people in the future. He places that by focusing on the ethical instruction of youth, Ghana can make ready for authentic turn of events and progress.

"The lawmaker was placed in power by you and me; they are a portrayal of us, so assuming they are bad, it shows that you are bad. "I concur that lawmakers are bringing on some issues, yet as you battle the government officials, train your kid not to have a similar outlook as a legislator.

"My vision is that we train our youngsters to be ethical so they will grow up and get rid of this bad framework. That is the main way I figure Ghana would create. Allow us to zero in on preparing the youthful ones now," he said.


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