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The most attractive political brand in Ghana now is the NDC- A-plus

Ghanaian performer and politician Kwame Asare Obeng, otherwise called A-Plus, voiced his perspective that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has turned into the most engaging political brand in Ghana.

A-Plus credited this shift to the initiative given by the New Enthusiastic Party (NPP) throughout recent years, guaranteeing that the times of the NPP's political incomparability are presently behind us. He asked NPP individuals to scrutinize the ongoing initiative, cautioning that their activities could imperil the public authority's future and the party's constituent possibilities.

A Plus contrasted what he described as a decline in the NPP's attractiveness due to the infiltration of "fools" within the party's ranks with the positive reception of the NDC's initiatives, such as their activities at UPSA, as evidence of the party's growing appeal. "Your lights are going out, and you are as yet standing by to break the eight. It is you, the individual from the NPP, who ought to scrutinize the authority of the nation, saying that the thing they are doing will annihilate the public authority and the party's possibilities later on.

"Take a gander at what the NDC did at UPSA and how individuals got the message. This was the thing the NPP was known for, yet presently, a ton of dolts have penetrated the majority of the ideological group, and it isn't alluring any longer," A-Plus expressed.


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