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The Ghana music industry is filled with love and hate – Lyrical Joe

On 3FMSunrise, Lyrical Joe, whose real name is Joseph Gamor, candidly and openly discusses the difficulties of the music business.

He portrays the business as possibly harmful.

The notable rapper stresses how significant it is for creatives to sort out what suits them best and deliberately steer their professions in like that.

During the meeting, Expressive Joe considers the diverse idea of the business, declaring, "It's a harmful space, where love, disdain, backing, and grins are undeniably interlaced. A person may adore you today and detest you tomorrow in this space. A few people flourish in the midst of the cynicism, making it work for them when energy doesn't. The most important thing is to embrace what makes you happy.

In 2011, LJ partook in the well known African Network program ''X-Variable''.

He was the main rapper who addressed Accra-Ghana in the opposition, tragically, he didn't win, however came to a momentous stage in the opposition.

His exit from the competition did not put an end to his ambitions; rather, it helped him improve his performance. LJ has from that point forward delivered twelve of tunes, indeed; Heart Breaker, Fork and Blade, I dey feel u, I'm Wiped out, 3-rulers, Necktie, Okay and as of late delivered Tina.

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