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The drug I now take is worse than cocaine – Abena Korkor

Bipolar disorder patient, Abena Korkor Addo has uncovered that the impact of her ongoing mental medication is more awful than cocaine.

Talking on the KSM show she demonstrated that whenever she takes the medication, Lithium carbonate, makes her demonstration uncommon dissimilar to her past medications. She reviewed an occurrence in a medical clinic where she obliterated climate control systems, broke louvers and cut herself because of the medication.

As per her, it took the intercession of TV3 to clear the harms she caused at the clinic. " Even with my drug now I'm on Lithium carbonate, it is more awful than cocaine. At the point when I was in Abokobi, Dr Nfordjour cerebrum and brain facility, I annihilated ACs, I utilized my hands to break louvers, I was cutting myself.

TV3 paid north of 60,000 cedis. I couldn't say whether they have gotten done with paying. At the point when I'm mindful when I'm making harms. It's great," she added. In 2021, Abena Korkor was eliminated from her situation as a large group of the TV3 program, Women Circle show. The choice came after she posted a semi-naked video of herself on the mixed media informing application Snapchat, which immediately became a web sensation.

Taking to web-based entertainment, Abena Korkor reported the end of her agreement herself. She expressed that her bosses had reached her to advise her regarding their choice to eliminate her from the show, which she co-has with Anita Akuffo and different ladies. As indicated by Abena Korkor, the Media General gathering, which claims TV3, refered to a new video of her seeming bare, wearing just underwear, as the justification for her end.

She uncovered that the show's supporters considered the video to be negative exposure, and subsequently, they didn't need their brands related with it, provoking her managers to make a move. As a component of her declaration that she no longer works with TV3, Abena Korkor shared a bit of the video on her Instagram reel.

Subtitled that: "May I free it everything except not myself. I'm as of now not a television moderator, truth be told, I don't fit the content and I don't think I ever will.No one ought to label any association here."


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