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Several months after the plush third edition of Online Radio And Television Personalities Awards and yet the 4th edition has been launched and the public is having a perception that it has been cancelled.

The perception stems from the "golden silence" of AGE GHANA a subsidiary of AG MEDIA HOUSE the organisers of the ORTP AWARDS that is planned to be held every year.

Responding to the public over assertions that the 4th edition is cancelled, MS. ANN, the Chief Operations Officer for AG MEDIA HOUSE, speaking to some media persons stated it categorically clear that the 4th edition of ORTP AWARDS is not cancelled but postponed due to some new strategies they are planning to recruit in order to make the 4th edition bigger and better than the previous ones.

The 1st edition was held at Paloma Hotel in Accra which saw a great number of attendees and patrons from all parts of Ghana. The second edition was also in Accra at Global Summer Hotel and the third edition took place at The Ghana National Theatre, Accra.

"In few months, nominations will be opened for new entries.

Date and venue for the 4th edition will be communicated to the public as soon as possible" - Ms. Ann


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