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‘Tap and Go’ transport initiative to foster transparency, check corruption – Bawumia

VP Mahamudu Bawumia has communicated trust in the "Tap and Go" transport drive's capacity to battle debasement in Ghana's state intercity and intracity transport frameworks.

Like the generally utilized Oyster Card in the United Kingdom, the "Tap and Go" framework includes a computerized card preloaded with cash. Travelers can helpfully pay for their charge by tapping the card on a decent machine/peruser on board the transport. To make things easier for users, the Ghanaian "Tap and Go" card has additional features like a physical and virtual version. By selecting the virtual card option when downloading the Tap and Go app to their mobile devices, customers are able to make payments directly through their phones without requiring a physical credit card.

Talking at the authority send off of the drive in Accra on Monday, February 19, VP Bawumia featured that the execution of this framework will fundamentally further develop straightforwardness inside the vehicle area. “It is essential to note that Metro Mass Transit's audit report revealed that the company was losing 50% of its revenue annually prior to the implementation of the Tap and Go system.

"Yet, since it was carried out by the organization, that spillage has been stopped and the income that it is making from 200 transports is more than when it was working 500 transports," Dr Bawumia said. “The problem of vehicle owners worrying about the accurate daily takings and whereabouts of their cars at any given time will be a thing of the past with the Tap and Go system,” according to the company.

He added, "The problem with the diversion of funds within state-owned intercity and intracity buses will also be a thing of the past, as it will help check corruption by promoting transparency." This will also eliminate the issue with the diversion of funds.


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