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Stubbornness took me nowhere in life, I’m working to become a pastor – Krofrom Killer

Kweku Kweku, also known as ‘Krofrom Killer,' a notable ex-convict in Kumasi, has communicated lament over his past activities and the way he picked, expressing that he would have kept away from an existence of reputation on the off chance that he could travel back in time.

During a meeting with Poleena Media, Krofrom Executioner related his twelve-year detainment without preliminary during the late previous President Jerry John Rawlings' system. He recognized that while he once enjoyed his notorious standing during his childhood, he presently understands that it was a contemptible pursuit throughout everyday life.

Pondering his past, Krofrom Executioner referenced that a portion of his friends, who were engaged and dedicated, have accomplished conspicuousness and are carrying on with better existences. That's what he communicated whenever offered the chance to remember his more youthful years, he would have avoided inconvenience and selected peaceful work.

"What prompted my lament is that reputation wasted my time throughout everyday life. Maybe I would have had a superior life notwithstanding my willfulness. I even wish I could turn back time and become a pastor. It's not past the point of no return; we are as yet chipping away at it.

A portion of my companions are utilized in respectable organizations and partaking in a decent life," he commented.


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