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Stop giving church positions to just the rich – Woman ‘attacks’ Pentecost and Apostolic Church

A Ghanaian lady has expressed her worry to certain places of worship in Ghana, especially focusing on the practices inside Pentecostal and Apostolic churches.

She raised worries about the pattern of inclining toward rich individuals for chapel positions while disregarding the people who might be monetarily unsteady or offer less. In her evaluate, she featured the difference in treatment between prosperous individuals and those confronting monetary troubles inside these religious communities.

As per her, the accentuation on abundance and economic wellbeing inside chapel positions of authority conflicts with the standards of equity and empathy that ought to be maintained in strict foundations. She refered to a case where a woman from the Pentecost church who was lethargic for a considerable length of time however subsequent to giving a measure of GHC5,000 to the congregation, was offered a deaconess position.

In addition, the lady communicated profound worry over holy places' inability to give satisfactory monetary help to individuals out of luck, especially those wrestling with future vulnerabilities or adapting to disease and monetary difficulty.

She was worried that all that is vital is finished for ministers to carry on with an agreeable life, yet devotees are disregarded.


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