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“Smart move!” – Anyidoho applauds Bawumia for campaigning without announcing his running mate

Former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Samuel Koku Anyidoho is proposing that Dr. It is politically strategic of Bawumia to begin his campaign for Flagbearer before naming his running mate.

Mr Anyidoho trusts that by laying out his presence first, Bawumia guarantees that whoever turns into his running mate will continuously be viewed as the second-in-order with next to no goals for the top position. Basically, Anyidoho considers this to be a way for Bawumia to keep up with control and stay away from any expected difficulties from his running mate.

"From a politically strategic perspective, it makes a lot of sense for Dr. Bawumia to launch his mission as Flagbearer and lay out his presence prior to naming his running mate so that, endlessly, the running mate will continuously be Number 2 with no "entertaining thoughts". Shrewd move."


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