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Shut up; you are the reason “beggar” Ghana can’t easily pass anti-LGBTQ+ bill – Lydia Forson slams politicians

Prestigious Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has attacked lawmakers, ascribing Ghana's battle to pass an enemy of LGBTQ+ bill to their reliance on foreign aid.

Forson battles that the country's failure to affirm its power hampers the public authority's ability to settle on definitive decisions with regards to this issue. Standing up via virtual entertainment, Forson stressed the earnestness for lawmakers to divert their concentration towards building an independent country. She highlighted the effect of Ghana's dependence on unfamiliar guide, attesting that it leaves lawmakers vulnerable to outer impact.

"This is the reminder to Every one of your lawmakers to zero in on building an independent country! Until you're ready to quit depending such a huge amount on unfamiliar guide and asking constantly; the West will keep on directing how you dance.

So perhaps SHUT UP and get to work!" Forson said in an energetic post. The entertainer's remarks come in the midst of progressing discussions and conversations inside Ghanaian political circles about the proposed enemy of LGBTQ+ bill.

The bill has confronted huge resistance both locally and globally, with pundits contending that it encroaches upon common freedoms and advances separation. Forson's words resound with the individuals who advocate for a more free and sovereign Ghana, liberated from outside pressures.

As the nation wrestles with socio-political difficulties, her call for government officials to zero in on inside improvement as opposed to depending on unfamiliar guide has ignited a recharged discussion on the country's way towards independence.

It is not yet clear the way that Forson's straightforward position will impact the political scene and whether it will provoke a change in needs among Ghanaian leaders.


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